stabilized systems

When our 3-axis stabilized gimbals are not being flown by UAS systems they are operated ground level for handheld applications. dynamic stabilized shots are possible with our experienced camera operators and gimbal systems.  


freefly movi

The Movi 3 axis stabilized gimbal provides endless creative camera movement opportunities. Operating handheld, zip line, or by drone we are able to carry camera payloads from DSLR to RED helium.


Remote Zip Line

Remote controlled zip line with Movi Gimbal


dji ronin

The DJI Ronin is another 3 axis stabilized gimbal that is used for handheld applications only. 

dji osmo

The DJI Osmo is our latest addition to the stabilized systems family. Handheld creativity, literally in your palm. 

kenyon lab ks-8 gyro

The Kenyon Lab KS-8 gyro is an ideal stabilizer in helicopter and airplane filming applications. Also used on ziplines.